What Is Love? Baby Don’t Hurt Me an Analysis of a Crown of Sonnets Dedicated to Love

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Whatt is Love? Baby Don’t Hurt Me
An Analysis of A Crown of Sonnets Dedicated to Love
A Crown of Sonnets Dedicated to Love is a poem series by Lady Mary Wroth, but this essay will focus only on the first sonnet of the sequence. Wroth had a particular writing style that appears within this poem. This sonnet follows the Shakespearian formula rigidly and uses it quite effectively, though it isn’t just a sonnet. The poem itself addresses love and the many roads it can lead to, and not many of them are truly desirable. Surprisingly, the poem does not use literary elements like alliteration and assonance to make the poem interesting, instead it harnesses repetition and rhyme to compel the readers. The sonnet feels seamless, which can be
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To the left, her love will be mired by suspicion, whether she will be the one haunted by suspicions or her lover is not stated. Either way, she will not find happiness by going down that path. In the next line, the speaker says that she wishes to go back and that her shame is agreeing with that idea. Alternatively, her shame could be driving her to return to the point she now finds herself. Finally, the speaker says that standing still and not making a choice is the hardest thing to do because she finds herself mourning the fact that she can’t make a decision.
Throughout this part of the poem, Wroth does not use the repetition of sounds to accentuate the poem. Rather, she uses the recurrence of emotions and direction to add weight to the poem. The theme of action and stillness that Wroth utilized in her works is pervasive throughout this poem, because the speaker never did actually move; it was the emphasis on the direction that drove the poem forward. To the right, forward, left, and so on give the reader the impression that the speaker is spinning. Though there isn’t much in the ways of alliteration, assonance and whatnot, there is one particular line that has alliteration in it; “Thus let me take the right or the left-hand way….” (line 9) The ‘t’ sound is used repeatedly in this line, though whether

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