What Is Machine Learning And How It Works?

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What is Machine Learning and how it works?

Machines leaning is basically a method of teaching computers to make predictions based on historical data. The computers then improve its internal programs using this data. To illustrate this let us consider the example of a normal email filter which automatically filters out spam emails from an inbox, this is possible as the email engine is programmed to learn to distinguish spam and non-spam messages. Over time as the program keeps on learning its performance improves drastically. Other areas where machine learning is used in day to day life are medical diagnosis, self-driving car, stock market analysis and recommendation engine on any ecommerce website like eBay or Amazon.

To further elaborate on how it actually works; in machine learning instead of programming of the computer to solve a problem, the programmer actually writes a series of rigid codes to make the computer lean to solve a problem from various examples. As you know that computers can solve complex problems like predicting the pattern of movement of galaxies and so on but it can’t perform easy tasks like identifying objects like a tree or a house, although now a days there are a couple of search engines and applications that are able to do that like Google Reverse Image Search and Apple Images, but they still fail when the image is overshadowed by some other image. So machine learning is basically making the computer think in a way how humans would in this
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