What Is Management Theory Of Classical And Human Resources Affect The Management Of Different Organizations

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Abstract A topic that is going to be under investigation is a comparative review paper for four different management theories. The purpose of this study is to identify which management theory is ideal for any company to pursue and it will cover advantages and disadvantages of each. The source of information for the above topic will be books that are published by different scholars. The research will be concluded with an assertion of how the two management theories of classical and human resources affect the management of different organizations. Key words: management theories, human resources. Introduction The theory of human relations and classical management are a reflection of two assertions about the form of management in different…show more content…
This theory is so unique in a way that it creates an enabling environment for communicating between managers and workers for designing of better processes instead of management sending orders and expecting them to be followed. There are mechanisms that are created for the exposition of emotional and motivational techniques required for production increment in the business. This will be the case if employees are not given processes and quotas for production and management purposes. Scientific Management The improvement of productivity in an organization by various levels of employees is termed as the theory of classical management. The chain of command starts from the lowest employee up to the top managers who is responsible for supervising the activities of the organization. Moreover, it has been noted that at different levels of management, there specific guidelines that are designed to be followed by the worker to perform his or her duties to the maximum. Furthermore, impersonal relationships are not tolerated at workplaces and managers and workers must perform their tasks according to the set guidelines. In addition, the firing and hiring of workers should also be based on what they can deliver at different levels of production of the organization. Whereas Human Relations Movement is the human relation movement is one of the scenarios of how the human relations theory was

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