What Is Marilyn Monroe's Childhood

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Marilyn Monroe
”Marilyn is as near a genius as any actress. She is an artist beyond artistry. She is the most completely realized and authentic film actress since Garbo. She has that same unfathomable mysteriousness. She is pure cinema.” Marilyn was not only a great actress but also smart. Marilyn Monroe was a great person, actress, and lots more. Her childhood had a lot of struggles but she made it through.Marilyn was only 36 when she died.(About Marilyn)
Marilyn Monroe’s birth name was Norma Jeane Mortenson. She had a very tough childhood. She never knew her dad and her earliest memory of her mother is, her mother trying to suffocate Marilyn with a pillow when she was in her crib. Marilyn spent most of her childhood going house to house
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