What Is Marine Security In Canada

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The following services are offered by the CCG:

Marine security and Border Enforcement services in conjunction with other federal organizations like the rcmp and the canadian forces
Canadian Fishery regulating, as well as research.
Transport of goods to canada's northern communities
Marine navigation services that provide maintenance to floating and fixed floating aids and management of lighthouses
Maritime mobile safety services which aid in the management of radio communication and radio navigation. It is managed by the MCTS program.
Scientific research services in conjunction with organizations like DFO, environment canada, and natural resources canada to engage in scientific surveys, seabed mapping, as well as fishery research.
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The Coast guard facilitates the research that these organizations conduct with its many resources which include polar icebreakers, fishery science vessels, and oceanographic science vessels. The type of research conducted includes Sea life species analysis and demographics, habitat assessment, and other tests to perform analysis on Canada’s bodies of water. Such is important in canada for a multitude of reason. One of which being the canadian fishing industry. According to DFO the total value of fish and seafood exports was $5,958,905,000, and according to Trading Economics Canada’s exports in total were valued at $43,675,000,000, meaning that the fishing industry accounts for nearly 14% of all of Canada’s exports. Such an industry needs to be heavily regulated to ensure that the practices of fisheries are safe and effective. The research conducted in conjunction with the coast guard aids in the perfecting of our fishing processes to ensure future sustainability which will lead to growth in the canadian…show more content…
These services aid in providing safe passage for vessels within Canada’s waterways. There are a number of devices and and tools that the Canadian coast guard provides and maintains such as reflectors, lighthouses, foghorns, buoys, and beacons. These services are important because they minimize collisions among vessels, provide a clear view the shore for approaching ships, and illuminates the paths that vessels are to take in order to reach our shores. The coast guard also promotes the use of DGPS over the previously used LORAN C service in order to ensure accuracy of positioning. As well the coast guard implements radio communication in order to encourage communication among vessels. These are important not only for navigation but also so that search and rescue efforts can be coordinated among vessels with ease and so that any safety issues a vessel may have can be relayed quickly to a near coast guard vessels along with location information. Such services are important due to the sheer volume of ships and assorted aquatic vehicles that are to be accounted for in canadian waters and ensuring that they navigate safely ensures the safety of those on the vessels and those at
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