What Is Marketing Attribution

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Introduction to Marketing Attribution
Attribution is a common term in the world of digital marketing. Marketing attribution is used by marketers to determine the roles played by different channels in their marketing campaign. Attribution is essential to the success of digital marketing and helps marketers to give credit to who did what and how much. Despite the importance of attribution to marketing, companies find it hard to achieve 100 percent attribution because of different challenges in the marketing channel. This article will provide a brief introduction and shed some light on the subject of marketing attribution.
Definition of Marketing Attribution
According to the Definitive Guide to Marketing Attribution, "Attribution refers to the science of determining what media is driving purchase." By this definition, we understand that marketing attribution weighs the impact of every channel on customer interaction and use this to optimize future marketing strategies of a company. Marketing attribution measures users’ interaction and touch-points, and this gives a clear picture of the customer behavior across different marketing platforms. There are different models of marketing attribution, and they include Last Click,
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This is because it provides valuable insights into what is working and what is not. When a marketer can accurately attribute credits to different marketing channels, the marketer can increase their sales, ROI and so on. Marketing attribution helps to improve sales efficiency by determining the marketing channels that deliver the most impact on customer behavior. This knowledge helps the marketer to capitalize on the strategies that work and discontinue the methods that are not contributing to conversion. Doing this leads to more conversion, higher ROI, and reduced cost while enhancing the decision making process, increasing efficiency and effectiveness of marketing
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