What Is Metamorphosis Or Transformation?

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CHAPTER 1: What is metamorphosis or transformation? First of all we should understand what metamorphosis means – a change of the form or nature of a thing or person into a completely different one. One can just simply call it change or transformation. One can undergo different types of transformations i.e. a person can undergo physical/biological transformation, or psychological transformation, or behavioural transformation, or cultural transformation, or spiritual transformation, or some other transformations Each of the transformations may be regarded as a positive change or a negative change like in the case of physical or biological transformation a caterpillar metamorphosing into a butterfly can be regarded as a positive transformation as it shows a type of evolution in front of our very eyes plus butterfly are considered as a beautiful and majestic creature as compared to its caterpillar. On the other hand when a person dies, his body “returning” to dust can be regarded as a negative transformation or a negative change since a person alive can contribute towards society but not after he dies. An example of positive psychological transformation would be “a change of heart” as is used by the people to say that a psychological change occurs for something better. Pity, love, kindness are some feelings that are associated with the change of heart. Negative psychological transformation would be slipping into a deep depression. Remorse, hate are the feelings that are strongly
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