What Is Miley Cyrus's Reputation?

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People recover from damaged reputations while others do not because of the extent of the damage of their actions and people’s beliefs. When the National Institutes of Health was looking for a speaker for and ADHD lecture series, they contacted Molly Zametkin. Which she soon became the face for female ADHD. When a person learns that someone has ADHD, they would most likely think they are, hyper, lazy, unmotivated, and unfocused…” which is the reason why she felt insecure and an outsider to her peers. To repair her reputation she decided to improve or increase the visibility of her good side. Today, she currently works full time for National Institutes of Health, runs her own house-sitting and tutoring business, and also works at a rooftop restaurant; proving to those who doubted her that even ADHD cannot stop her from doing it all. Molly Zametkin was able to recover from her reputation because for one, her reputation did not hurt anyone else and two, to repair her reputation by proving those who expected her to be flawed. Miley Cyrus’s…show more content…
Both singers had “...wholesome reputations. Attractive and talented…very successful, young, wealthy individuals...” With a reputation like this, they had great things ahead of them. Which also results in a great a great fall; the bigger they are the harder they fall. Therefore, he, “must deal with a criminal case and potential time behind bars” and many of his fans, supporters, and his sponsors left him. Brown’s reputation cannot be repaired. He might have faced his consequences and apologized to the public, but he should have also reached out to Rihanna and apologized. It also cannot be repaired because domestic violence is horrible which is why people will always look back and see him as a violent and irresponsible
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