What Is Minimum Wage Is Not Ideal And Struggles

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This reading was slightly hard for me to relate to at first. Then the more I thought about it the more I realized how many encounters and interactions I’ve actually had with scenarios like these. In Young’s reading about the woman and her two kids who had to settle for a place to live that wasn’t ideal I was incredibly frustrated. It’s seriously sad to think that there are other people going through similar struggle like this. It’s not logical to make three months’ rent deposit and pay for the other startups that come with an apartment, especially when you have to kids and you’re a single mom. She’s obviously trying to do what’s right but because of her situation she is not able to. This is part of the reason I think poverty recycles itself, because we do not give a lot of the opportunities needed to get out of slumps like this. Minimum wage is not ideal and struggles to meet the cost of living, especially if you’re a single mom with two kids. After this first part, the reading got more into what we can do as a society, and I think my favorite idea that was talked about was how we do not have the choice of where we are born into. I did not choose to be a white female but it’s what I was born into. When Johnson got started with “Changing how we think will not be enough to solve the problem.” I disagreed quite a bit. Sure it is true for some groups but I find it hard to believe that it’s true for all. Johnson also stated that if everyone took responsibility and kept…

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