What Is Moral Pluralism Theory

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Different moral theories have their own insights and criticisms. Applying different moral theories to government’s policy-making is important because it may provide guidance for government in implementing a “right” policy. In my opinion, I believe that moral pluralism provides the best guidance for government’s policy-making. This essay will examine the reasons why moral pluralism provides the best guidance for the government while the other three moral theories could not.

By definition, moral pluralism coheres well with our considered moral judgments; and it can avoid the weaknesses of other moral theories such as utilitarianism, deontology and virtue ethics; and at the same time, absorb their insights. To apply this moral theory, we should first consider the factors affecting government’s policy-making. This includes the public opinions, the limitation of resources, capitals and labors, and the expected outcomes of policies which means that who will be benefited after implementing the policies. After that, we should relate this back to the moral pluralism
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If the government delay the implementation of policy due to the reason of considering what a virtuous person will do, this may lead to a public criticism and questioning on government’s governance efficiency. Taking filibustering in Hong Kong as an example, the government officials are likely to use various ways to postpone legislations. If the government has to concern every factors and virtues when implementing policies, the government may encounter filibustering, which may consider it as a waste of resources. As what I claimed above, the government will consider the factor of limitation of resources when implementing policies, this is therefore clear that following virtue ethics could not provide the best guidance for government’s policy-making because it is
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