What Is Mt St Helens Essay

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On the Sunday morning of May 18, 1980 at 8:32am Washington’s history changed forever. Mt. St. Helens erupted. During this eruption 57 lives were lost. A few days before as people were studying the beautiful mountain they realized it was starting to bulge but kept a close eye on it. Continuing to study Mt. Saint Helens it started to bulge 6ft a day. Researchers realized that something was going wrong. They sent someone up to take a closer look and continued studying. As soon as the volcano erupted, they tried to reach him, but there was no answer- him being one of the 57 lives that were lost.

Walking out the door with her 3 kids, my grandma looked at her surroundings realizing how silent and eerie it was. Heading to church, my grandma was
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This was NOT a dream. It seemed as though she had traveled to the moon. All outside was the same gray color. For the following weeks after, car engines were clogged with ash forcing my grandma to ride her bike to work. When she would go to the grocery store, the shelves were almost empty so you had to eat what you had for a while because delivery truck engines were clogged and weren’t able to deliver new food for the grocery stores. The shelves were empty. The ash would harden when it would get wet because people would try to spray the roof down, ending in their roof collapsing so for a while, many people would be sweeping their roofs to get all of the ash off so their house wouldn't be affected.

Months after the eruption, people were still being affected. When you would dust, you could sometimes see ash. Also, when there would be stronger winds, it would bring up the ash again; affecting people for about 3 years. Crops were also affected because When farmers would water their crops, and the ash would harden and make the roots a brick of concrete. The fields of alfalfa where a block of cement too! I don’t know about everyone else but I wouldn't want to see ash after that
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