What Is My Cultural Identity Essay

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How I Got My Cultural Identity

How do we get are cultural identity? There are many ways that make us who we are, from are decisions that we make in life to, whom you have in your life, which can be family, friends, or even strangers that can impact are life. Everyone has their own culture, traditions, and customs which makes us who we are in are Cultural Identity. It all depends on what we do, who we hang out with or, where are background comes from. Culture means to me a variety of different people from different places that celebrate traditions and customs from their culture. Around the month of May my mother had found out she was pregnant with me. When my dad heard the news he was happy to have his first child. My dad would work double
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My dad had left for a couple months due to immigration, I barely saw my mom because she would work double shifts so we could have food and a roof under are head. We had barely any help from our family it was a dark time in my family, It made me realse how the world could really be and I learned new things about the world. This effect changed my world completely, I turned into an adult at a very young age and had to be more mature knowing what was happening during that time. I had to be things when my mother was at work. This was a new beginning for me to not have my dad around me for months and it also teached me how life can be and now reflecting I noticed my decisions and how I dealt with them. Within those months we had help with friends and neighbors, within those few months I remember seeing my father for the first time within those few months. I was eating honey bunch, with my younger brother, I remember hearing a knock on the door expecting it to my my mom coming back from work to pick us up but soon enough it was my dad with a long bushy beard and a big afro. I remember smiling and looking at him in shock, it was one of the happiest day i could
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