What Is My Direct Boss Whom We Will Call Chris

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Everyone talks about it; few understand it. Most people want it; few achieve it. There are over multiple definitions and descriptions of it in personal files. What is this intriguing subject we call “leadership?” (Maxwell, 1993).
The leader I decided to discuss is my direct boss whom we will call Chris. Chris is not only my mentor but also one of the most admirable people I know. Although I have only known her for just under two years, she has made an impressionable mark in my life. Not only does she work an unsurpassable amount of time to benefit the cause, she also makes sure to take the time to build her team into powerful individuals. She is selfless in a multitude of ways and is always looking out for the greater good.
A snap-shot of Chris is as follows. Chris has worked for our current establishment for forty years. She started out working as a switchboard operator while attending a local college where she obtained her Associates degree in accounting. Over these forty years of employment, Chris has seen a lot of change and has developed skills that one could only be fortunate enough to obtain. She has had the great advantage of working directly with and under great minds and those who all think very different. All of this has benefited Chris at great lengths and at current day, Chris finds herself as the Controller of the Finance department with a team of six women.
Although Chris was born and raised in a very small town and has only ever worked for one…
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