What Is My Dream School Essay

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My dream school The previous years there has been a major discussion about the Swedish schools. Some claim that students takes school way too easily, and that the teachers as well as the school system allows this behaviour. These are thoughts found in an article written by teacher Ann Pettersson for "Svenska dagbladet". I am going to use these flaws as bad examples to explain how I would like my school to be. My dream school more particularly. Firstly, I partly agree to what Pettersson stated in her article. Yes, I think that some students go to school mainly to meet friends and have a nice time. Having a nice time is of course great, but to disturb other students, during class, by talking loudly is according to me bad behaving, caused by the rogue attitude to school. But that the teachers allow this by not being disciplined, to me is madness. One cannot say that the teachers or the school system is the one cause for the attitude problem. I think that a more repetitive schedule would do these pesky students great. Due to a different schedule every day, varied starting and ending times and huge breaks, the students cannot really find a stability or routine that fits for everyday life and school. It is obvious, if you end at 1 pm one day and 5 pm the…show more content…
There you can higher your chances of getting into your desired college by participating in the extra activities. But if you do not partake it is still totally affordable. Also, these extracurricular activities include after-school tutorials by teachers. Which does not in the Namibian system. In that way, to me, the American system promotes learning as well as partaking in activities. Because you do higher the chances of getting accepted by the university, by partaking in the extra stuff. The extra stuff that include learning. To me that sounds great, the focus is still on learning but most students still participates in the extracurricular
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