What Is My Educational Philosophy?

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What is my educational philosophy? After reading about so many different philosophers in education this semester, I have come to agree and disagree with a lot of different ideas. If I had to only pick one philosopher and their ideas I wouldn’t be able to. I don’t really have any fresh or original ideas on education. I would have to say my philosophy is a mixture between all the different philosophers and things I have learned this semester in class and things that were self-taught. When trying to answer the question “What should be the guiding purpose of public education?” I figured it would be simple to answer, but it’s not and I don’t think it ever will be. There are so many different values and opinions when it comes to education. It seems like personal and public goals get in the way of each other when it comes to public school. For example, when religion gets involved with education. Many religious groups express to have abstinence taught in public schools for health class, while others may disagree. There are also parents who object to the teachings of evolution theories in required history and science classes. Problems like these can make it difficult to decide on the best goals for a public school. Currently I believe that one of the main goals of public education is to raise our academic standards as a country, which hasn’t seemed very effective. American education is supposed to help you be “Well rounded” in common knowledge and as a person, but really it
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