What Is My First Puppy Essay

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My First puppy
“My puppy!” It was running with his brother and playing with each other like they were wrestling and they were so cute and that all began in. So for two years or like my whole life I really wanted a puppy. This year my dad told me that my uncle is going to sell some of the puppies that my uncle breeded so I asked him if I can have one, and he said yeah then I was running around the house and jumping up and down i was so excited.But it had to wait 2 months or 3 because it can’t live without it’s mother milk so i had to wait.Then one day we plan to go to canada for about a week. Before we went to canada or the day before canada we were eating in a restaurant and my uncle called. That he plan to give it to us in two days but we were going to canada so my dad had to talk to him.He told him, then we decide that the day we arrive
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We decide that we will play and say good bye.I was really sad but my brother was even more sad because he wanted both so he can take care of one and I can take care of one.I also would want that but my parents said no it will be to much work I agree though i really wanted to. So I said good bye and then they took him and name him. But we were happy that we have one.So that’s how I got my First
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