What Is My Frame?

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What is my frame?
Upon assessment with the tool provided, my results reflected that I have a somewhat balanced orientation that doesn 't lean strongly toward any one of the four approaches.
Leadership Orientations Self-Assessment:
The results for raw scores and percentile scores for each of the four frames (Figure 1) reflect the numbers hovering almost around 50 percentiles. As per tool assessment this result indicates almost balanced orientation towards all the frames. The characteristics of four structural frames are mentioned below: Structural Leaders. They focus on rationality, analysis, logic, facts, and the data. They believe in the importance of clear structure and well-developed management systems (Leadership Orientations
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My views on the assessment
I feel this result reflects my learning from 8 years of work experience in diverse departments like Operations, Quality, Training and different domains of the HR, where I had to deal with distinct types of people. This experience with diverse people, locations and departments helped me learn varied styles to manage several types people or situations to some extent.
I started my career as a customer care executive. My job of dealing with different type of customers developed the Human Resource frame to some degree. My moving into Operations, Training and Quality was all about experiencing Structural, Human Resource, Spiritual and Political Frame. Planning needed to achieve goals and targets. Maintaining enthusiasm in the team to keep them inspired. Good Interpersonal skills to keep them motivated. All the negotiation skills and establishing good links with the clients and the management to get the contracts and basic approvals for business needs. All such tasks and needs of the job helped me in learning these four frames to get the work done.
Stint in HR further enhanced my senses towards all these frames while dealing with business partners, project managers, employees, external parties where negotiations, strategy planning, interpersonal relations and inspiration was needed to keep the ball rolling and get the desired outcomes. Be it bidding on a
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