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High school is a very challenging part of life because you are no longer a child but not an adult , and everyone keeps asking what you want to do with your life to do when you “grow up” but most of the time they don't help you go through the process of growing up. Although there are lots of challenges it can be really fun, but only if you want it to be. My high school experience could have been a lot better but that only made me reflect and realize that I can change anything I don't like and that it is never too late to be involved.

I can not deny or hide the fact that I am a pretty great student. I always strived to go for the highest score possible and of there was any left over time and the project was not too massive I sometimes did
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In my first high school i took ap human geography my first year many people were afraid of doing so and with reason since although i had taken pre ap courses in my middle school that was nothing compared to what we were doing then but i knew that that would help me pay for college since once i got to college i would have an advantage because there would be extra credits and my second year i did it again and was super excited for my junior year because i thought that i could take at least three that year but during my summer 2016 we moved from the southern part of denver to the far north east and my new school did not have that program so what i did instead was go as high as they would let me there and if you just want to try yourself out the first year i would totally recommend you to take as many rigorous courses because then you are taking advantage of the system and it will help you even if you aren't with your friends you will be above them financially and intellectually in the future. I did not however join very many clubs i believe my first year i took gardening club and realized that we did not do all that we had hoped to and that really disappointed me so i didn't do it the next year. Instead that year i took psychology club and it was pretty ok but i couldn't always make the meetings considering that the time that i took to do my homework and finalize projects and really my only time to socialize
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