What Is My Language Essay

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My language is a reflection of my personal identity, culture, the peer groups I associate with, my family and my life experiences. Throughout my life, I have had the privilege of living in the city of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates(UAE) along with Singapore. However, when it comes to my true origin, as my family originates from India, I come from India too. Therefore, I have had the experience of living as a Third Culture Kid(TCK) as I have lived in different countries throughout my life, excluding the country I originate from. And so, Dubai, India and Singapore are all major parts of my identity that have influenced my English. The language that will be influenced is English, because I have been speaking the English language my entire…show more content…
International travel has really broadened up my mind and horizon. Ever since I was one year old, I have been able to visit a variety of places such as France, Italy, the United States, Thailand, Malaysia, the United Kingdom, Austria, China and many more. Because of visiting so many countries, I have heard a lot of people communicate in their own languages. Although there are several differences, a similarity between them is that many of them have an international accent. They use this accent when communicating in English. And so, I have developed this accent because of hearing it from people of different religions and cultures all around the world. Therefore, each travel of mine has influenced me into developing my own international accent when I communicate in English with other…show more content…
On social media, there are many such platforms like Facebook, Whatsapp, Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter. These platforms are used many times to share funny jokes, slang, trends and idiomatic expressions. For example, recently slang on social media has included terms such as, “lit”, “sick” and “fire”. In reality, these terms do not mean what their slang definitions translate to. “Lit” means lit up as in heated up, “sick” means being ill and “fire” is simply the word fire. On the other hand, in slang on social media, “lit” translates to really exciting or fascinating, “sick” translates to awesome, exceptional or cool and “fire” translates to when something is off the chain or is too good. I have learned many of these terms through Instagram and Snapchat when my peers use these terms in their posts. As many of my peers use these terms, I learn them from my peers at school as well. Social media also shares several idiomatic expressions. For example, very often, I have seen idioms like, “she has a heart of gold”, “that is a piece of cake” and “the early bird catches the worm”. These idioms are used when describing or giving a caption to a funny picture or video that is trending, yet to become an internet sensation. These idioms and slang get passed on from peer to peer and this is how I come to know about it and begin to use the
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