What Is My Middle School Experience Essay

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Wow I never though this day would come so fast. My middle school experience is over. Now it’s time for a fresh start, but this time I’m moving on to high school. My brother use to tell me it would go by fast so enjoy it all you can. When middle school came I blinked and bam just like that it’s over. There are many memories I made with amazing friends. Even though upcoming middle schoolers might not believe it goes fast, it does, however enjoy the time you have and don’t worry about the small things. To begin, high school seems stressful with all the school work, but that won’t stop me from what I want the most. The thing I’m anticipating most is graduating school and meeting new teachers. Also what I’m looking forward to is having classes with no just my grade. Yes, it might be scary, but it’s different. Also I want to get out of my shell where I hate to present in front of people. I think going to high school would help me with that. I hope I get comfortable with the kids I have class with if I don’t its okay. I know the first years of high school I…show more content…
This is only one reason why I’m nervous though. I’m always nervous because it might split up my friends and I. We might have a strong friendship but along the way we might fine new people. It just won’t be the same if it does happen. I just hope we will still speak and eat together to. Yes, I heard not all friendships last, but this friendship I hope it last for a lifetime. I’m also worried about me not understanding something or missing school because of sports. I’m not that person who likes to ask a teacher what I have missed. I usually just leave it and hope for the best, but next year it’s a whole new story. I’m worried for not impression my parents and getting good grade how they would want me to. However I know I can do that and still do what I love. I might lose friends in high school but they will never lose
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