What Is My Responsibility To America Essay

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My Responsibility to America
As American citizens, it is our responsibility to reach our highest potential. That potential in our career, our families, our way of living, and by being the best person we can be. Every citizen has their own responsibilities, none being exactly the same, but some being very similar. As citizens, we owe it to America to hold our country to the highest standard. We, the citizens make our country a great place to live. We are responsible for making that statement true. Some citizens’ responsibility is minimal, while others take on a higher responsibility. America is full of opportunities to find responsibility. We take whatever responsibility fits us, and use it to better our country. I, too, have a responsibility to America; my responsibilities including serving my country, working in my career, and achieving my dreams. My most important responsibility to me will be
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I want to help design air and space craft that will be more efficient. Advancement in technology is very important not only in the military, but for all citizens as well. Citizens travel across the country and the world everyday in airplanes. Some of these airplanes still get the job done, but are getting quite old. I want to help make airplanes more efficient by lowering the cost, and making them more available. Making airplanes more available and less expensive will allow industries to build newer models which will improve the safety of the airplanes. Not only do I want to improve the efficiency, I want to improve designs as well. As an engineer, I will work to enhance the technology inside and outside of the airplane. In the military, this would especially be crucial in time war. Our soldiers need the best airplanes with the best systems we have to offer. My job everyday would fulfill a responsibility to the American citizens with air travel, and our soldiers with
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