What Is My Strength And Weakness Of A Matchmaker On Career Cruising

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Although I do not have an occupation I wish to pursue, I do have an idea of some occupations that would be suitable for me. Through Matchmaker on Career Cruising I have found a few occupations that are suitable to me based on my preferences, these include an ESL teacher, a foreign educator and a middle school teacher, which are all part of the cluster education and social services. Some skills I have that is suitable for these occupations would be Explaining and listening. These skills are suitable for this cluster because in education it is important for the teacher to listen to the opinion of the students, and it is important for the teacher to explain the material being learned so the students understand. An experience I have of teaching would be leading in the scout group I attend. Since I am a senior scout, I am expected to help the younger children when they are having difficulties. This includes teaching…show more content…
The purpose of self-assessment is to find strengths and weaknesses in oneself. When a strength is found, the person can find ways to further improve it. When a weakness is found, the person can reflect on it and figure out ways to improve the weakness. Some weaknesses I have are in collaboration and initiative. To improve my collaboration I can try to be more involved in class discussions, which includes volunteering to answer questions. Another way to improve my collaboration would be to share my ideas more. This means during group work, I should share my ideas instead of just listening to other people share their ideas. To improve my initiative would be to further my thinking. This means that when I come across something I find interesting in class, I can go home and research more on that topic. Another way to improve my initiative would be to respond better to risks. This means that the next time I am faced with a challenge I should face it positively instead of trying to avoid
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