What Is Myasthenia Gravis?

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What is Myasthenia gravis ?
Myasthenia gravis is considered as one of the most important common neuromuscular disorders. Although it is categorized as a neuromuscular disease , there are few other factors other than acquired immunological abnormality , like genetic abnormality in neuromuscular junction , and some relations to thymus diseases and cancers.
Myasthenia gravis presents clinically in a variety of ways, with varied symptoms that make it difficult to diagnose it in initial stages.
As MG became the subject of interest to neurologists mostly in the past years , however it is still categorized as an autoimmune disease , and much about pathophysiology and immunopathology of MG has been learned in the past 20 years.
The origin of the autoimmune dysfunction in MG patients is unknown, but thymic abnormalities, defects in immune regulation and sex hormones play major roles in patients with anti-AChR antibodies. Genetic predisposition is also likely to influence the occurrence of the disease as mentioned above.

Pathogenesis And Factors :
Autoimmune factors :
As mentioned previously , MG is mostly considered as an acquired autoimmune disease of the neuromuscular junction. The autoimmune system mostly attacks the nicotinic acetylcholine receptors located in the postsynaptic endplate membrane.
In MG, the postsynaptic muscle membrane is distorted and simplified, having lost its normal folded shape, the concentration of acetylcholine receptors on the muscle
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