What Is New Urbanism?

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What is New Urbanism?
New Urbanism is a movement that combines environmentally conscious urban design with pedestrian-friendly neighborhoods. Its core belief is that the world around us not only affects the way that we live our lives but also our happiness. The movement seeks to bring change by implementing its principles in the development of new areas. Once a building goes up, it tends to stay up. This undeniable fact is why a New Urban perspective is vital in the development process of an urban area.
Imagine living in a neighborhood where most of your destinations are reachable by foot. One of the central values of New Urbanism is to create a pedestrian-friendly atmosphere so that the need for auto transportation is significantly reduced. More people are encouraged to travel by bike or any other pedestrian modes of transport. Neighborhoods connected by a grid of narrow streets and alleyways ensure the accessibility of the entire city. Of course, improvement to the commute itself is also a part of New Urbanism. The goal is to make the commute more enjoyable by incorporating beautiful surroundings, art, and public meeting areas. The idea is to give the city a visual appeal so that more individuals will choose to commute this way. Beautiful architecture, businesses, apartments, homes, and trees line the cozy streets of a New Urban neighborhood. However, people are not limited to pedestrian modes of transport. For example, a long-distance traveler has the option to take a…

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