What Is New World Target Culture

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PART-B New-World wishes to target young men, aged 18-35, and encourage them to visit the Fresh-Collective website and store. Part A highlighted the basic tools that the brand has to utilise. Part B will use these tools to form specific recommendations for New-World so they can achieve their objective. However, to do-this, it is first necessary to understand the target audience of the brand, thoroughly. This involves understanding their interests, lifestyle, and behaviours. TARGET AUDIENCE The most noticeable trend observed in recent years is the relationship between New-Zealanders and the internet (Statistics New Zealand, 2012). 91% of New Zealanders are online (Statistics New Zealand, 2012). Majority of these online users, are…show more content…
These insights are also significant for New-World. Ultimately, understanding the target audience has brought to light important insights; the target audience is found online, more specifically social media sites and they use the internet to socialise, but also as an information source for consumer decision making. They are also team-orientated and love socialising with peers, online and-offline. The following insights will help support the validity and effectiveness of the recommendations suggested. RECOMMENDATIONS An online social campaign is the most effective route for New World to take, considering their financial restrictions. Social media has high reach, is cost efficient and can drive organic traffic to the website and thus, the store, all the while targeting the intended market. Using the gathered information, it is clear that this target audience can be highly marketable on the internet, specifically social media. Therefore, New-World must set up a social media page for Fresh-Collective, specifically on-Facebook. Facebook is the main social media site used in New-Zealand (Gibson et al., 2013). Therefore, majority of the target audience will be active here. Fresh-Collective must use the page, regularly. The more posts, the more engagement that the page will receive (Breen, 2017). If a potential consumer interacts on the page i.e. comments on a post,
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