What Is Newspeak's Perception Of Communication?

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Research Project Rough Draft When small, innocent little toddlers learn their first words, their entire perception of communication is usually based off their caretaker. Whatever language their caretaker perceives to be the “correct” form of communication is then instilled into a baby and is the driving factor of how a toddler grows and communicates with others. Take the “red” of stop signs and traffic lights; red tells an individual to stop. Wether driving a car or being bad, the vibrant red tells a functioning member of society or a toddler to halt their actions. “What can be communicated is determined by the symbols available, the expressive forms, and now those forms are structured into larger and larger units of meaning” (Elkins 6). How…show more content…
George Orwell grew up with overbearing jurisdiction where he “recalls how his experiences in Spain ‘taught [him] how easily totalitarian propaganda can control the opinion of enlightened people of democratic countries” (Elkins 5), Spread of such alternative facts was blindly believed and listened and was a prime example of the individuals who lived in 1984’s blatant world such as people, “neither the Brotherhood nor THE BOOK was a subject that any ordinary Party member would mention if there was a way of avoiding it’’ (Orwell 18). Initially Orwell, grew up very poor which streams into his novel as “the reality of poverty and filth, and the debilitating psychological effects of scarcity, emerge in vivid detail in the imagery of 1984” (Elkins 4), evident in descriptions of characters: ‘’A colourless, crushed-looking woman, with wispy hair and a lined face, was standing outside.’’ ( Orwell 1984”. Orwell’s Psychological history not only shape the type of human harsh reality he vented through growing up but also help disrespect the utmost control that is poised in society. His prod upon the views he witnessed as a child and as an adult invest into his book as an embodiment of vulgar shame at how bigger entities work to dehumanize others and may be at fault for his social structuring when he was a growing as an individual. And all of his implications of how the the perception should take the unconstitutional blights of government control is “to let the meaning choose the world, and not the other way around” (Rosendfeld 4) ultimately giving insight to how language has allowed such inhumane propaganda can’t utter differences in communication ability, even in his contradictory language of
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