What Is Niebuhr's Model Of Christ And Culture

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Within Niebuhr's monumental novel ‘Christ and Culture’, Niebuhr provides multiple models of how Christians approach culture and it’s affect it yields on the individual and culture itself. But to the modern Christian, which out of Niebuhr's models is the most effective in striving towards a more virtuous, christian culture in a world that is seemingly post-christian? As culture continuously is in a state of deterioration, the approach that a modern Christian should take to respond to culture and its deterioration is an all too relevant issue. Prior to determining which of Niebuhr's model is the most advantageous to the individual and culture itself, one must first define culture. Culture is the ever changing matrix of the human experience. Additionally, culture defined by everything from language, religion, art, history, habits, music, literature and so on. In essence, culture is the externalization of the human experience that continues to shift and be molded by…show more content…
As we mold culture, culture molds us. Additionally, culture is consistently in a cycle of decline, fall and rebuilding, as humans are fallen and corrupted beings. From ancient Rome to modern American; people, and thus culture has been in a state of corruption since the original fall. According to Craig M. Gay, within ‘The Way of the (Modern) World: Or, Why It's Tempting to Live As If God Doesn't Exist’ he wisely states that modern culture located within America has rendered God extraneous and has hurled civilians into a state of practical atheism. This practical atheism is so profoundly ingrained within one’s culture that it is reflected everywhere from media to politics and technology. Craig Gay summaries practical atheism and lack of a religious foundation currently located within one’s society exceptionally; “Perhaps at no other time in history has the structural coherence of a
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