What Is Night By Elie Wiesel Quotes In The Book

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The book Night by Elie Wiesel has become popular worldwide teaching people all ages about the Holocaust. Night tells about young Elie Wiesel’s life story as he lives as a Jew during the Holocaust. Elie Wiesel tells how things changed for him and Jewish families all across Europe as they were sent to concentration camps where they were brutally treated. Elie Wiesel’s family was sent to Auschwitz concentration in 1944. In the concentration camps families would be split up including Elie Wiesel’s, he was split apart from his mother and sister and was forced to live with only his dad. At the concentration camps Jews were treated like animals many Jews died at these camps, others became insane. The Nazis treated the Jews like animals by taking away their humanity and causing them additional pain. The quote in the middle of the book is when the Jews are walking to a new location from the concentration camp. The Jews are exhausted and weak, because they are being forced to run the whole way or else they will be shot. Elie Wiesel sees many people die but he does not give up because he still has his father. Here is the quote from the book when they are marching “ ‘Faster, you tramps, you flea-ridden dogs!’ We no longer marching, we were running. Like automatons. The SS were running as well, weapons in hand. We looked as though we were running from them” (Wiesel 85). The quote shows how the Nazis tried to take the Jews humanity away by causing them pain. It also describes how

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