What Is Normal And Abnormal Behavior? “Normal” And “Abnormal”

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What is normal and abnormal behavior? “Normal” and “Abnormal” behavior also known as “normality” is widely ranged from each person, time, place, society, events, and cultures. If we think about it who honestly knows where normal starts to leave off and abnormal begins?
Normal is behavior that is average not so out of the ordinary, adapting to a life and dealing with success and Abnormal is a different behavior from a majority of the society, such as mental disorders, anxiety, mood swings, rage, over sleeping and withdrawal from everyone.
Let me say that Mental illness and disorders of the human mind is what is so fascinating to me and what has drawn me to love everything there is about Psychology. You can never stop learning about it and
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It was hard to choose two disorders for me because I want to learn about all of them more, however I came to pick schizophrenia and Bipolar disorders. Many people can confuse and often get these two disorders mistaken even though they have little in common. The difference between them is Schizophrenia is a multiple personality disorder also known as dissociative identity disorder, and bipolar also known as manic-depression.
Schizophrenia which is usually diagnosed in a person’s late teens to mid-20’s. Often people with schizophrenia hallucinate (seeing and hearing things that are not there) or delusions (are the that something is not true. Arguing with someone who has schizophrenia will get you nowhere. People with this disorder are often hard to treat due to being hard to function in society, poor hygiene and are medicated with medication and therapy but only if they are willing to get the help. What I have learned about this disorder and mental illness is that there are early warning signs people can look starting as a child, such as voices conversing with one another and saying derogatory things about him or her. Also, seeing scary things and staring at them when they are not there, such as shadows, sneaks or spiders, and often show no interest or hard to keep a friendship. Symptoms for signs of
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