What Is Nutraceutical

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Nutraceutical, the word derived from two terms which are “nutrition” and “pharmaceutical”, was invented by Stephen L. Defleice in the year 1989. He was the founder and Chairman of foundation of innovation medicine. Nutraceutical are treated differently in different influences.
It values the products that range from isolated nutrition’s, dietary supplements and herbal products and processed foods such as cereals and soups etc.
Under the law of Canada, nutraceutical can either be marketed as a food or a drug. The term ‘nutraceutical’ and functional food have no legal distinction referring to a product isolated or purified from a food which are generally sold in medicinal forms which are not usually associated with a food.
In US law this term has no meaning at all. Depending on its
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Businesses who follows this policy proactively promote community growth and development while also eliminates the practices which harms the public and environment. By adopting CSR practices, a business includes its stakeholders for decision making for achieving triple bottom line of people, planet and profit.
Their employees contribute to welfare programs oriented towards children’s, students, and patients. They also continuously support the activities of NGOs and other institutions involved with healthcare, education, sports, skill development and community welfare. There future is dependent and on community welfare. Some of their public initiatives includes working with Parikrama foundation and Akshaya Patra initiatives in Bangalore. Nanhi kali at all India level, diabetic awareness camp, ante natal camps for pregnant women, Building schools and colleges and educating them. To provide value to the society.

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