What Is Obedience In King Lear

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The most important thing was obedience, also a fundamental duty of women. Paternal authority was unquestioned, children were to honour and respect their parents especially their father who represented the ruling figure and symbolized God's authority. They expected to give love and care for their parents for they were creators and deserved respect and gratitude. (1983.p.p:150-152).

Moreover, in king Lear 'the children seem to be injustice their
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Also, we can notice the wake up of conscience at statesman like is Albany, Albany, is progressively more sympathetic to Lear’s cause. While the critics such as Leo Kirschbaum sees in "Albany’s transition from milksop to rebel against his wife and a force for good an indication of hopefulness amid the play’s bleak view of human action".(Bloom,2008:41).Goneril, whose husband, Albany, is increasingly sympathetic to Lear’s case, and he has discovered the conspire by helping of Edger when submitted the letter which is sent with Oswald to Regan. Goneril and Edmund conspire to kill Albany.

"Shakespeare mollifies the 'poetic justice' which kills Edmund at the end by giving him one last repentance, perhaps even a conscience when in his dying moments he sends the order to reprieve Lear and Cordelia, an order that comes too late for Cordelia".(White,1996:219).'the end of the play Lear, an old man, emotionally and physically exhausted, exposed to the wet and cold, develops what is clearly, to psychiatric eyes, a brief delirium. 'This is described in terms that a modem clinician would instantly recognize, and is cured by a kindly physician with rest and sleep ‘that to provoke in him are many simples operative, whose power will close the eye of anguish'( Belts.T &
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