What Is One Important Goal You Would Like to Achieve in Tha Next Few Years?

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UNIT 2 Driver Readiness Page 2 of 10 Physical Readiness When you drive, you get information from all of your senses. You see, hear, smell and feel the motion of the vehicle - all of this input helps you to be aware of your driving environment, to predict what might happen, and to assess how to react. This information is processed by your brain and keeps you aware of changing situations. Sensory input helps your brain understand and decide when to accelerate, steer or brake. You also need to be in general good health with no injuries or illness that might prevent you from operating your vehicle safely. Vision Vision is the primary sense used in driving. About 90% of the information required for safe driving relates to vision. Since 90%…show more content…
To have adequate time and space to avoid obstacles in your path you need to search the traffic environment far ahead of your vehicle. Position yourself with a clear line-of-sight so you can search the traffic environment about 30 seconds ahead. This gives you plenty of time to recognize obstacles ahead and maneuver around or away from potential traffic conflicts. To help judge how far ahead you need to look for the 30-second visual lead, pick out a fixed object like an overpass well down the road and start counting. If you reach the object before getting to thirty, pick out another object further down the road and try it again until you obtain the 30-second distance. The location of 30 seconds on the road ahead will vary depending on your speed. · Traveling at 25 mph, 30 seconds ahead is about two and one half blocks. · At 30 mph, 30 seconds ahead is close to three blocks. With a well developed 30 second scan technique, you pick up visual cues, process information and decide what to do next. This mental process takes time. After you decide what to do, you have already traveled a good distance and now you will still require a "control zone" of about 12-15 seconds ahead to safely execute your maneuver. This 12-15 second visual-control will give you time to identify a place or places to which you

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