What Is One Issue You Struggle With?

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What is one issue you struggle with? One issue I struggled with and continue to struggle with is helping my mom raise my niece. I think I do not have the time to help raise her. I go to school full-time, work seven days a week, and attempt to still see my friends. My niece was taking away from both of her parents because they were seen as unfit, and under the terms I would agree. So at the age of two she was placed in our care, and she has been with us for five years. Being seven she has learned that she is the only one without parents, and she questions why. It’s hard because how do you tell a child that her parents lost compete rights to their child, and even harder is why in the five year span did they not get her back. My mom and I have limited time, but I try to remind myself that we do spend tons of time with her because our life revolves around her. My mornings consists of getting her ready for school, and I leave for work. My mom works morning so she can pick her up at five, and they make dinner. When I get home she is either getting in the shower or in bed, and I tell her good night. If she has a back to school night, or any school event and I am informed early I will work out a way to go. I try hard to be apart of her life, and try to show her that even though her parents aren 't there that my mom and I are. What do you think is the root or cause of this issue for you? I think the root cause of this issue is not what I first thought. Even though, my

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