What Is Organizational Communication?

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ABSTRACT Matt Koshmann, professor at the University of Colorado in his video titled what is Organizational Communication? Explains the concept of communication in the context of an organization and summarizes the roadblocks and problems we have in communication as the technology around us gets sophisticated. The common conception is that the technology to facilitate communication is not fully developed. However, people are communicating regardless of how they connect and the basic barriers to communication such as power, politics, influence, culture and gender still exists. Koshman delves beyond the conventional approach to understanding the role of communication and exploring organizations through the lens of communication. The video explains communication beyond conventional wisdom and how it influences human interaction and how it gives rise to norms of conflict resolution and provide us with a deeper, more sophisticated understanding of Organizational communication—organizations as communication, based on a constitutive view of communication (Koschmann, 2012). ANALYSIS Koschmann introduces a sophisticated way of looking at organization from the communication perspective beyond the conventional approach. In the video, he explains that communication is dynamic and it takes the shape of the organization and it mostly depends on your place in the hierarchy and the influence of this with the other organizational members. The work in an organization gets done with
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