What Is Organizational Culture And Discuss Factors Associated With Understanding An Organization Is Its Success

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"Culture of the organization is its success"
The following essay examines the meaning of organizational culture and discuss factors associated with understanding an organization 's culture, with examples presented to show my discussion points. This essay will therefore discuss some of the main reasons why it is important for organisation and when it should be changed.
In the era of globalization, exploring and understand the culture and behavior of the organization have become very important, as it is composed of people of different race, color and culture. Organizational behavior culture largely determines the interaction of people in the organization and analysis of individual group performance which contributes to a better understanding, prediction and improvisation in a workplace that leads to improved performance.
Employees are the foundation of the organization and their responses to other people and circumstances different as per values and the principles that people follow in their lives. Every person develops certain characteristics or attitude based on certain criteria or values which is unique and which are essential elements of their relationships with other people and define the personality of the person.
The personality traits of a person are really important factors that have considerable influence on the organizational culture and collective targets of the organization.

Firstly, organization is a group of people whose activities are deliberately
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