What Is Organized Crime

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Hallie Brown
English 3
Ms. Baker
March 31, 2017

Organized Crime Organized Crime is criminal activities that are planned and controlled by powerful groups and carried out on a large scale. Organized Crime groups have increased in dimension and activities in the past decade and have become global threats causing a serious obstacle in the international community. In the United States, such groups have continued to widen despite measures to curb them and they have established networks in the biggest cities. “Criminal groups have well developed international networks that help them to better exercise their activities in both legal and illegal markets by using extremely complicated strategies and varied modi operandi” (Jenkins & Gary 1987). Due
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The La Costa Nostra is the most famous Italian Organized Crime group working in the United States. The La Costa Nostra is enmeshed in a collection of illegal actions, from betting, loan sharking, to smuggling, and money laundering, which terrorize American society. The majority members of the La Costa Nostra operate in the New York urban area, but there are also illegal operations in the major American cities. La Costa Nostra has been working in the United States ever since the 1920(s) and still currently poses a giant threat in today’s…show more content…
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