What Is Pagerank Is An Algorithm Developed By Sergey Brin And Lawrence

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Abstract: PageRank is an algorithm developed by Sergey Brin and Lawrence Page which uses subset of network analysis to understand associations between nodes in a linked database. The algorithm uses multitude of parameters to assign PageRank to various pages and is the backbone to Google search functionality. Rank assigned to a webpage is calculated based on the ranks of the webpage citing it. This algorithm was developed as part of the research project supported by National Science Foundation grant provided to Stanford University. The patent was filed by Stanford University in 1998 and is still owned by Stanford University, however Google has exclusive rights to use the patent. PageRank is trademark of Google Inc. and Google pays royalties to Stanford University for using the patent in Google search. With the advent of computer technology in 1990’s the need to search large databases was increasingly becoming vital. The search engines prior to PageRank had limitations, the then most widely used algorithm used text based indexes to provide search results on World Wide Web however had limitations of improper search results as the logic used by the search engines looked at the number of occurrences of the search word in webpage which sometimes resulted in improper search results. Another technique used during the time was based on variations of standard vector space model – i.e. search based on how recent the webpage was updated and/or how close the search terms are to the
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