What Is Pedagogy?

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Pedagogy is the discipline that deals with the theory and practice of teaching children, teenagers or adults, respectively. According to this, I consider it as one of the most complex career because it involves too many responsibilities, especially in teaching children or teenagers, because we have the training and the future of children, who need an integral development, on our hands. That is why we need to get informed and study about teenage issues at the university, as we just did.

When I started to read the dossier, one of the first things that I read was “adolescence involves sexual maturity in terms of hormones and physical development of the body, and is also characterised by an increase in the complexity of group interactions and thus social behaviour” (Lerner and Steinberg, 2004)” (Choudhury, S.,
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I think I could relate this topic to my experiences and, in that way, it was the most meaningful to my learning process because I could remember, analyze, reflect and think about what happened to my best friend the last year. On August 2016, my best friend told me that someone raped her, then, as she did not want to hurt him, she asked me to kept it as a secret. I did it because it is what best friends do, two months later she killed herself. If I have to say something about violence and what I have learnt is that our society normalize it and we do not understand the seriousness of each kind of violence since an adult tell to a child “if a boy/girl bother you, it is because he/she loves you” and it started to be reproduced at schools among children. After all, I think that I changed my mind and I do not want to normalize it. I want to make a change in the society and tell my future students that violence is not good, no one can violate their rights and no one can lay a hand on them without their
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