What Is Perfect? Can A Person Be As Such?

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What is perfect? Can a person be as such? Without getting too philosophical, but dwelling upon my own past, one could conclude I am the furthest from perfect. With a total of five criminal charges, all at the misdemeanor level or lower, some may even say I am a habitual offender. However, to label myself as such would be no different than judging a book by its cover; it’s not about the cover, rather it’s about the contents inside.
July 2011 to November 2013 was a deep dark place for myself. I often found myself in with the wrong crowd making terrible choices and jeopardizing my schooling by not allotting the necessary time and effort towards it. In November 2013, I was called into work and informed I was terminated. Not only was I being
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To this day, I still deal with the consequences of my previous criminal actions, but I do not let it deter myself. Although negative at the time, my criminal history has given me the opportunity to grow and mature as a person, and to truly learn from my mistakes. In having to deal with the hardships of a criminal record, I gained a tremendous amount of motivation. Inside myself is a drive to succeed, fueled by learning from my mistakes. No matter the task at hand, I strive to do my utmost personal best. In terms of schooling, I enjoy challenges as I like to work hard and I do not see failure as an excuse to give up; rather I see it as an opportunity to learn more and become better than I was previously.
For quite some time, I knew that I did not want a bachelor’s degree to be the end of my education; I knew I wanted the challenge of more and could push myself to do so. My motivation to learn and to continue expanding my knowledge also guided me towards law school, as the law and studies of the law are always changing, therefore my education would be too. Becoming an attorney has been a goal of mine for most my life which is why I chose to earn a major in Criminal Justice Studies. However, it was not until college that I truly knew law school was what I wanted to do. Between my own experiences and the courses encompassed with a Criminal Justice major, my interest peaked even more as it gave me hands on experience and
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