What Is Performance Management?

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What is performance management? After going through a process of developing and determining the mission, vision and values of an organisation, a strategy document is developed. In this document processes and systems are put in place to ensure that the company is on track. Every so often, usually annually, a review of the company’s performance is taken into account. This review encapsulates the performance of systems and the people operating within the systems. Performance management is a process by which organisations align their resources, systems and employees to strategic objectives and priorities. Roles and Responsibilities Each office in the company has a role and a responsibility towards the performance management process. • Top…show more content…
Personal bias – the process is largely dependent on the relationship between the manager and the employee. This could lead to unclear and/or unfair expectations demotivation and disengagement. Employees then end up not trusting the process. 3. Paper exercise – Employees management see this as a time consuming exercise and creates little value for employee/organisation. The meeting then turns out to be a paper pushing exercise that will just go back in the file. Proposed Solutions Some proposed solutions that have come out of various studies in this area include some of the following: 1. Don 't be confrontational – Encourage management to have a two-way conversation and address what is important to the employee. 2. Discuss work-life balance and management to be sure to follow through on career development, rewards and recognition 3. Make systems more transparent and develop system that is not purely dependent on employee-supervisor relationship. This will allow for accountability in the process. PM and Internationalization The expanding global reach of many organisations today has increased interest in the topic of managing country managers. In most cases this is an expatriate, a home country national sent by the parent company to work temporarily or permanently in another country. In most cases this could be a temporary situation as the organisation is setting up its
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