What Is Person Centred Care

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The concept of person centred care implies an approach to nursing practice established through the formation and nurturing of therapeutic relationships between all health care providers, the older adult and their significant others. Person centred care is underpinned by the values of respect and compassion for the older adult, mutual trust and an understanding and sharing of knowledge. Providing a holistic approach that incorporates the patient’s values and beliefs to person centred care allows the older person to feel like an equal partner in planning, developing and monitoring their care. Brendan McCormack and Tanya McCance developed an individualised framework for person centred nursing that emphasizes the partnership between the older adult and the nurse which is based on a negotiated relationship that respects the values and beliefs of all involved.…show more content…
Person centred nursing allows the older adult to be at the centre of care by considering the desires, values, beliefs and their lifestyle. Allowing the older adult to become more involved in their care is now considered a key component of developing and delivering high quality person centred care. By permitting person centred care to become more flexible can allow health care providers to meet the needs and goals of the older adult in a manner that best suits them and their family. This person centred partnership can occur on a one-to-one basis, where the individual takes an active role in the decision making process regarding their own care, or on a collaborative group basis, whereby patient groups are involved in the decisions regarding the delivery of services. There are many significant aspects to person centred practice that are central to allow the nurse to develop a clear image of what the patient values in their
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