What Is Personality Psychology Or Personology?

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Personality is something all humans possess, which appears to be unique within each individual. It has been studied by psychologists all over the world amounting to various ideologies’ regarding how it is formed and the changes that occur in personalities. This research is called personality psychology or Personology. “Within the research field of personality, it is agreed that there are no definitive answers as to how the personality is developed and currently relies on theories to explain it” (Mollon. S. (2010). There appears to be two approaches to the study of personality: nomothetic and idiographic. The former is the process of gathering data, creating a pattern of personalities so that a psychologist would be able to compare data between types found. Ideographic approaches were used in events where the psychologist believes that all humans are unique and therefore, use subjective accounts from the individual towards their research. Psychologists who would have used this approach include Humanistic and psychodynamic psychologists, Carl Rogers and Sigmund Freud. The psychodynamic view is based upon Freud’s theory. Observing personality thought a Structural Model, defining personality as the division of the id, ego and superego. Stating that at birth, only one force drives personality, the Id. Actions taken by the Id are based on the pleasure principle and held in the unconscious. During the first two years after interaction with primary socialisers and peers, develops

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