What Is Philosophy And Why Should Anyone Study It?

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What is philosophy and why should anyone study it?
We are all doomed without philosophy! Why you may ask. Well the reason why is because philosophy is all around us, but many people fail to notice it. According to the Oxford Dictionaries philosophy is, “The study of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence, especially when considered as an academic discipline” (Philosophy). So, in other terms, philosophy is the way we think about various topics. Philosophy is full of thinking and questioning everything around us, so when we stop thinking and questioning our surroundings, we are doomed.
While reading Alistair Sinclair What is Philosophy, I learned that philosophy in Greek stands for ‘love of wisdom.’ In other terms,
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These three branches help us grasp the concept of philosophy because they all help us understand the bigger picture of philosophy. While there are many reasons to study philosophy, the main reasons that we should study philosophy is so that we can advance our own knowledge, and because philosophy is a part of every one of us. We are naturally curious about our surroundings, and want to understand the true meaning of it. Alistair Sinclair said, “As individuals, we want to be wise than just plain ignorant” (1). We all want to be philosophers because we do not want to be the odd person who is oblivious to our surroundings.
Philosophy can advance both our academic and social knowledge. People who study philosophy have a better understanding that their one view is not always right. Philosophers can take their personal beliefs and compare with others, and being able to find a happy medium between multiple beliefs. As Alistair Sinclair stated, philosophers are open minded and prepared to change their view points (8). Meaning, they are ready to reconsider their view points, if valid points are given.
Philosophy is important in both our social and academic life because, we need to know when to accept defeat and when to collaborate with others to result in the best possible conclusion. It is rare
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