What Is Physical Disturement: What Is Physical Impairment?

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What is physical impairment? According to Landsberg the physical impairment occurs in various degrees, of severity from barely perceptible to profound. It may be congenial or acquired through illness or an accident. It may also be a result of hereditary syndrome, or damage caused to the fetus before birth through disease or medication. Learners who are physically impaired are that they experience challenges in the area of mobility and physical vitality. They also experience challenges with regard to their self –concept which are ascribed to the negative reaction that their bodies evoke from other peoples due to the conspicuousness of their impairment. They maybe intensely affected by their being different from others.
However some learner they are being disabled before the birth so they grow up with their disabilities, they go to schools in order to
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Adding on what she is saying the cerebral palsy occurs during pregnancy child being born with it and some children being affected when are involves in accidents. The injury damages of brains are permanent cannot be healed like another injuries, because it affects muscles and a person’s ability to control them. The impairment caused by cerebral palsy is manageable because the child can get treatment, therapy, surgery, medications and assistive technology can help maximize independence, enhanced quality of life. In Thembalethu school they were period for learners go to O.T.S where there getting facilitated to improve their reading skills and writing and they use computers to do their work and being taught how to play games in computer, they let them to play games because want to see their interest and things that they enjoy to do so they can give them work that is

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