What Is Physical Therapy?

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What is Physical Therapy? Physical Therapy is the treatment a person needs to assist in problems with the body. Physical Therapy is a broad medical field that specializes in providing help to heal a person. Physical therapy is the type of treatment a person may need when there are injuries to the body, or when physical harm has occurred. When it is hard for a person to move around due to diseases to the body they should seek into physical therapy for their body. Physical therapy helps a person to move their body and continue a normal daily routine. Physical therapy helps a person move around and can relieve the pain caused by injuries. Physical Therapy helps to also improve a person’s physical function or to help them gain one back.…show more content…
Physical therapist treat the problems of people. Physical therapist study the body and perform the certain therapy to heal a person. Physical therapists use a variety of things to find the problem. Physical Therapists work with patients to improve their mobility. They Physical therapist examine a person’s body that has an injury. Another case may be a disease a person may have as well. Physical therapists looks for ways to heal a patient. Physical therapist also practice exercises with a patient that improves the movement of their muscles. These exercises may start off small but will gradually work their way to being what is most comfortable with a patient. The exercises are what commonly heals a body part or helps gain feeling. Physical therapist highly suggest exercises because they can also keep a patient in shape. Although Physical Therapists specialize in the movement of the body, there is still a lot to cover. The education needed requires a lot because there is so much that deals with the mobility of the body. Physical Therapists go to school for about an average of several years. To become a physical therapist you first must receive a bachelor’s’ degree in a field that specializes in the body. In order to be eligible for the three year (DPT) program a person must have a bachelor’s degree in an area in the therapy field. When a person graduates from a (DPT) program they have to pass a state given test. Acquiring
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