What Is Piaget's Appropriate Operational Under Moral Development?

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All of us have our own views about Middle Childhood Years brought by the different experiences we had when we were still at this stage. It just so happen that whenever there will be a discussion with regards to this matter, it is often associated with the word maturity. It seems inevitable that for every people who had undergone this stage, somehow tends to provide an attribute for this stage as the Transition stage. Though some of us would insist however, the obvious answer to the question, when does a person usually begin exhibiting attitudes that will soon reflect his/her personality is reflected on this stage. Not all of us can exactly elaborate the changes we had undertaken before but it is important however, while we were trying to pursue…show more content…
In support of my perspective, I synthesized the ideas of the following theorists who were able to help me understand on how does a child’s thinking develops and how can we address to them the ways in order to fully understand their condition: Erik Erikson’s Industry vs. Inferiority which is under the psychosocial theory, Jean Piaget’s concrete operational and formal operational under cognitive development, Lawrence Kohlberg’s Preconventional and Conventional under moral development theory, Lev Vgotsky’s zone of proximal development and B.F Skinner’s Social Learning Theory. It is quite surprising that all the theorists mentioned above have different explanations with regards to Middle Childhood years but they all agree at a certain point, that is having the child being exposed to various activities, events and circumstances would guarantee a development on child’s thinking as it tries to condition the mind of the child on a particular aspect which is the environment that in turn will dictate to him/her to think and ponder
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