What Is Plato's View Of Government

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In the world today, society face injustice, inequality, and chaotic encounters more so now than ever. We live in a world where it is thought to be that citizens have a say in governing our country, but do we really? Citizens have no power, we are basically under the rule and control of what the individual with the title the President of the United States, the Chief of State says. In regards to Plato’s idea and goal of seeing that America has real justice and peace under the rule of a wise, informed individual not a narcissist or one obsessed with power, I agree with Plato’s view because our country is ran based on the President’s own personal thoughts and belief based on what policies and rules he thinks is best for the people but in reality…show more content…
Based on past experience and knowledge of our corrupted political systems of the nation, Plato’s ideas are very helpful in assessing a type of system needed in our nation. His views and ideas give a set of fresh eyes to look at things in a different perspective. It may have been thought of but never really put into perspective of seeing how playing out his view could potentially change the political systems for the better. Our nation needs a different perspective of ruling because the way our nation is being and has been ruled only puts us into deeper disasters. We need expert governors, officials who know the capacities of policies and administration that is best for the states and citizens, those who are well educated and informed of laws, management, economics, military strategies, and most importantly history to ensure that our nation is receiving the best quality of real justice and peace.
On the whole, Plato’s ideas opened up a different view of things. It was like looking through a telescope and seeing the deeper picture of how things under a different perspective are. It would be nice to live in a world where the officials are ensuring that our nation is receiving justice and peace based on what is best for the nation as a whole not what the ruler feel is best for his own gain. If the political system was ever to undergo a massive change, Plato’s view and goal would be a great perspective to use as inspiration to better the
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