Essay about What Is Pleasure?

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Pleasure is a source of enjoyment or delight, as described by Hedonism is the pursuit of or devotion to pleasure, especially to the pleasures of the senses. Your view of pleasure clearly depends on which time period you are living in, talking about, and what you believe. For example if you lived when Epicurus lived you might believe that pain and pleasure are two different things, but if you live now and listen to Queen you might believe that pain and pleasure are not completely different things.

One of the major philosophers that was in the "Three Classical Theories..." article was Epicurus. Epicurus' theory or view was called Hedonism, which is the belief that pleasure is the sole good. He did not agree with
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He believed that for a person to be the happiest they should have a great number of good friendships.

The philosophy definition of hedonism is different then the dictionary definition. Hedonism, in the philosophy dictionary, is the ethical doctrine holding that only what is pleasant or has pleasant consequences is intrinsically good. Unlike the two other philosophers Epicurus believed that it is pleasure that will lead a person to have a "good life." While Aristotle believed that happiness is the way to lead a "good life" and Plato believed that being what is "good" is the way to life the "good life," Epicurus believed that neither of these was the way for a person to live their live.

The song that I chose is called "Pain is Close To Pleasure" by Queen. The first line in the song says how sunshine and rainy weather go hang in hand together all through out life. It then goes on to say how one day we are in love and the next we are fighting one another. Part of Epicurus's theory said that if there was fighting or unhappiness then you had an unsuccessful life. Throughout the song the lyrics say that pleasure and pain go hand-in-hand. Epicurus would believe that it is not plausible for pleasure and pain to mix and there should always be pleasure without pain, otherwise it would be an unsuccessful and unfulfilling life or lifestyle. Queen, throughout the song, brings up the analogy that pain is too close to pleasure. Sunshine and rainy
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