What Is Politics-Dan Kennedy's In Youtube: The Flattening Of Politics

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In today's society there's a new update on how journalism is delivered and written. Through the power of the cyber world new context is being uploaded and videos are being uploaded to video websites such as YouTube. Three authors express their thoughts about this modern-day problem in a traditional way, via textbook. They discuss how social media websites deliver messages that are not very accurate and informative. These messages usually target certain groups to create a community of its own. The article "In YouTube: The Flattening of Politics", the author discusses the impact YouTube has on journalism and focusing on the subject of politics. Grove states " And with YouTube's global reach and ease of use, it's changing the way that politics-…show more content…
He explains how it is a struggle for bloggers to post work that would be respected. He says "reporting is difficult and expensive and that few bloggers know how to research a story, develop and interview sources, and assemble the pieces into a coherent and factual narrative"(183). Kennedy later on continues to discuss how opinionated blogs create community and are more successful, he back this up by stating "the best and more popular blogs provide a sense of community that used to be the lifeblood of traditional news organizations, and especially to newspapers"(183). This form of journalism creates a warm and closed environment for people that is much easier to accept and enjoy. The author refers to a book called "What are Journalists For" by Jay Rosen. In this book Rosen expresses the need for civic impulses. This book links to another book by Robert Putnam called "Bowling Alone". Putnam discusses the value older generation or people who read the newspaper. However, these typical communities have been developed and are changing and there is a less of a demand for their methods of news and media. Kennedy expresses how the cyberworld is creating a new community where people of similar interests are connected but do not know each other personally. Another main point Kennedy states is that the notion
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