What Is Pop Soda And Pop Rock Essay

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Shannell Sanchez
Rocks and Soda
Did you know that some rumors started that said if you ate pop rocks with soda your stomach will explode? That rumor is not true of course. Your stomach will not explode but may result in a lot of gas. There is less carbon dioxide in a pouch of pop rocks than in half a can of soda. That means that if you drink soda with pop rocks there will not be an explosion in your stomach. The reason for that is because if there is not a lot of carbon dioxide than nothing is going to explode.
The soda and pop rocks experiment is mostly just mixing pop rocks and soda into a bottle. First, sprite, Fanta and Pepsi are placed about a yard away from each other. Next, one rubber nozzle is added to the soda
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“Surface tension is the result of an inward pulling among the molecules of a liquid that brings the molecules on a surface closer together.” Shaking a can bring a lot of bubbles into the liquid. Dissolved gas can vaporize by joining other bubbles that already exist rather than forming new ones. Instead of doing the difficult step of the bubble formation, the bubbles can quickly escape from a shaken can.
rocks might not have quite a big explosion because they are so small and they
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4 of 6 12/16/2017, 1:38 AM don’t have that many layers of carbon dioxide. Although, mentos are bigger and has a lot of
Sanchez 4 layers of carbon dioxide squished into one candy tablet. The process of nucleation is when soda and mentos make geysers. Nucleation is when carbon dioxide in soda is attracted to the mentos. When nucleation happens, it creates pressure and soda goes flying. The explosion is a physical reaction. Al the carbon dioxide is squished in the bottle and it is trying to escape. There are 40 microscopic layers of liquid sugar on a mento. The tiny holes that are on
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